Gymnastic Long Sleeved Lycra Leotard by Tappers and Pointers GYM/2 – Lilac


Sizes:  0 (4/5yr);   1 (6/8yr);   2 (9/10yr);   3a (11/12yr);   3 (Adult size 10)

Colours:  Lilac/Purple/white or Lipstick Pink/Purple/White




Gym/2 Lycra Blocks

Product Code: GYM 2


Gymnastic leotard with long sleeves in nylon lycra block colours




Lipstick Pink/Purple/White


Sizes:  0 (4/5yr);   1 (6/8yr);   2 (9/10yr);   3a (11/12yr);   3 (Adult size 10)

* Do NOT use bleach/detergents or fabric softeners
* Do NOT tumble dry or iron
* Do NOT rub or scrub foil print or metallic garments
* Do NOT hang over radiators

Foil print and metallic garments may fade or dull with wear and repeated washing. Areas that incur friction or abrasion may show some loss of foil. This does not constitute a fault.



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